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Did I hear you say that this is victory?
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A professional runner after all these years of training has finaly made it to his ultimate test - the Olympics, where he would show his best to excel the greatest sportsmen of the world in that only thing that they all can do well.
He was moving towards this goal for so long he can't even remember. And than - bang! Starter's gun hadn't finished echoing and the race had already been over in mere seconds. Over, at last.
He finished second.
All these years - and a fucking silver medal.
He closes his eyes and remembers his parents, his girlfriend, all his friends, that were supporting him back at home.
Than he remembers the amount of the prize money waiting for him.
He smiles.
After all, silver is not so bad.
Silver is good enough.

Простенький ненавязчивый басовый инструментал по поводу случая.

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