Дарт Разиель
Did I hear you say that this is victory?
Вместо тысячи слов - последний клип Звездного человека.

Последний альбом действительно замечательный.

Один из комментов к видео на трубе, на удивление, добрый и проникновенный:

You have liver cancer, 18 months left to live, and a net worth of $230 million. How do you spend your last moments? On drugs? Sex? Wild escapes across the World? Maybe you would. Bowie, however, got himself into the recording booth and lent his whole voice rehearsing and recording over and over--shooting scenes and retaking them for videos constantly, despite dying of a fatal and often painful diease. That's Bowie's way of doing it. Giving us--all of us--his last moments.

That is arguably the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.

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